System requirements and financial modelling

Working out system size via performance modelling and interval data

Working out your current electricity usage pattern will help you determine the financially optimal size of a commercial solar system.

In order to do this, there needs to be a detailed current energy consumption and load data analysis needs to be done.

In most cases this consumption data, known as ‘interval data’, can be obtained from your electricity retailer.

The data shows electricity consumption in 30 minute intervals and details the patterns and changes over each day, week, month and season.

This interval data can be used to undertake detailed modelling so that future output of the solar system matches as closely as possible with your electricity demand.

This is important because if the system is too large, you would have invested in electricity production which can not be utilised. If on the other hand the system is designed too small, then you have not maximised the full savings potential.

An ISC(Independent solar consultant) or experienced engineer can assess your business energy needs. The final recommendation will look like the graphs below:

Sample Summer Day - Sunny

Sample Winter Day - Cloudy

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