System requirements and financial modelling

What solar system will benefit my business most?

Most businesses seek a tailor-made solar system to match their energy demands. This is achieved through detailed energy consumption information and modelling against solar generation to ensure the appropriate system size is installed.

While a top quality solar system might cost a little more upfront, it usually delivers more energy generation each day which results in higher savings on your energy bill. This is why the financial returns are typically better than cheaper solar systems which generate less energy leading to lower savings. 

Another benefit of investing in a top quality solar system is the long term reliability and increased value it adds to your property. 

Often the cost of replacing low quality solar panels after, means that in the long term they will actually cost you more than buying top quality solar in the first place. Unfortunately this approach is unsustainable, increasing the amount of waste generated as more solar panels are discarded and often not recycled. 

We recommend the LG NeON® 2 panel. This panel is an industry leader in terms of temperature performance and efficiency, backed up with a 25 year product warranty. 

Key Tip

The long term financial benefits of a commercial solar project depends on determining

  • The optimal product to use
  • Solar system size and design
  • The delivery method

The product choices such as which solar panels and inverter technology to use are crucial to ensure the best project outcome.

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