Solar Project Stages

The bidding process

Usually with large projects, the client, after project scoping and determining all requirements, issues a ‘Request for Quotation’ (RFQ).

This process would be best managed in partnership with an Independent Solar Consultant (ISC) to ensure a competitive quote and outcome. The ISC can assist with analysing the completed submission.

The analysis includes specific criteria such as the products and warranties offered by the solar company, project delivery plan, price and system performance.

In addition, previous experience in delivering similar projects, detailed lists of inclusions, long term support, output warranties and so on should be part of the assessment.

Key Tip

In order to minimize risk, it is best if the components and expected system performance are clearly specified in the tendering document.

This will ensure the proposed solution is assessed based on the investment vs system performance and not only based on upfront cost.

Most tenders only specify that panels are “Tier 1” , leaving room for an inferior product with costly long term consequences.

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