Solar Project Stages

Project stages overview

Understanding the different stages is important so that the right decisions can be made at the right time. A well planned approach is necessary to ensure a successful project outcome 

Commercial solar can be a long and often complex process, but with our guide we’ll explain every step of the journey, from start to finish. However it is always recommended to consult a solar expert before purchasing a solar system.

  • 01

    Starting off

    Long term goals, purchase drivers, desired outcomes, get expert help

  • 02


    Scope the project, size the system, financial modelling, permits

  • 03


    Develop specifications, gain quotes, compare quotes, select winning tender

  • 04


    Detailed design, obtain approvals, compliance check

  • 05


    Warehousing/logistic, safety aspects, quality control, construction

  • 06


    Start-up procedure, training staff, manual handover

  • 07

    Ongoing operation

    Maintenance regime, system monitoring, performance analysis

  • 08


    Successful project, satisfied client, risk managed, maximised benefits, WIN WIN

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