Choosing the right solar panels and inverters

Product Considerations

High performing and reliable products as well as quality installation will secure you the best financial outcome over time and reduce any liability for your organization and the environment.

Local representation is an important consideration when choosing a product, as long term warranty support depends on the manufacturer’s long term commitment to Australia.

Since 2013 almost 400 solar panel manufacturers have left Australia, creating an avalanche of solar systems without the promised long term warranties.

There is a large variety of different inverters and panels available and the differences can be hard to spot as all panels look quite similar. However, the features, performance and quality can vary significantly.

The solar market comes with a “buyer be aware” warning so getting professional advice is highly recommended.

The graph below shows the number of manufacturers offering solar products with 25 year performance warranty, registered in Australia from 2013-2020. It proves just how many have come and gone – leaving customers with long term warranties that are now unserviceable.

That’s why it’s essential to do a detailed assessment of the brand you are buying, taking into account:

  • Company size
  • Financial position
  • Holding of patents
  • Global reputation
  • Warranties
  • Internal research and development
  • Where it’s manufactured
  • Vertical integration (i.e. Do they produce everything in-house or do they only do the final assembly)

A solar professional can help you get around the numerous factors involved in choosing the right solar system for your business. 

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