Compliance, approvals and certificates

A number of compliance requirements, standards, regulations and approvals need to be considered before installing commercial size solar power systems.

Some of these requirements differ between states and territories as well as between electricity distribution network service providers.

It is important to comply with these requirements to avoid delays, fines, switching off or even removal of the system.

Requirements may include:

  • Development approval, building consent and environmental assessment
  • Network connection approval
  • Use of Clean Energy Council approved products
  • Appropriate certification of system designer and installer
  • Registration as a power station for larger systems
  • Compliance with electrical safety codes
  • AEMO performance standards
  • Certificate of electrical compliance
  • Structural integrity certificate
  • Roof safety assessment
  • A work at heights risk assessment.

Some of these approvals and processes can incur fees or require the use of solar compliance experts.

A solar consultant or experienced installation partner can guide you through the most suitable path through the approval maze for you. 

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