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Solar systems can differ widely in quality, sophistication and future performance, resulting in a wide range of financial and environmental outcomes. We seek to educate commercial solar customers, so they can make informed decisions for optimal long term financial and environmental outcomes.

Whether you’re an owner of a commercial building considering solar or a procurement manager this guide will give all the information you need to get started. 

Our guide outlines the steps required to purchase a quality solar system and explains the issues and considerations to be taken.

It has been written to achieve the following goals:

How to get appropriate advice

In the case of large and complex projects such as shopping centres, logistic warehouses, cool rooms etc. the scoping, sizing and modelling work is best done by a professional such as an experienced independent solar consultant (ISC) or solar engineer. For smaller and less complex projects the solar company that you have engaged should be able to undertake the full assessment and installation process.

Key Tip

A commercial solar system purchase can be a complex decision. 

Therefore learning as much as possible about the process and industry sales tactics is advised. An energy consultant or experienced solar installer can help you in the process.

We are regularly in touch with a number of reputable companies capable of installing even the most complex of solar projects.

Some of them are award-winning solar designers who can follow your brief to gain the exact outcomes you desire.

To find out more information about the companies we recommend please give us a small project description and desired outcome so we can contact you for a free consultation. 

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