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Solar Tracking Systems


Commercial Solar can provide a 5kW Dual Axis Solar Tracking system. This solar Tracker system will support 20 x 250W standard solar panels.

Some of the Advantages of the Commercial Solar Tracking System include:

  • Estimated additional 30% to 40% more generation than a conventional fixed solar array.
  • 240deg azimuth rotation (east to west)
  • Computer based finite element structural analysis to ensure strength where it is needed.
  • An ultra-heavy slewing ring.
  • Smooth and powerful electric motion.
  • Ultra reliablility and low maintenance,
  • Rugged enough to with stand decades of continuous operation
  • No complex mechanical linkages or High voltage electrical components.

The Trackers are fitted with wind speed anemometers to automatically tilt the array horizontal if wind speeds of 60kph are reached.

Commercial Solar Tracking System Brochure
Commercial Solar Tracker Performance Brochure

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