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RADIANT Roof Mounting Systems

Advantages of the Radiant Roof Mounting Systems include:

  • PV Roof Top Rac System has been developed as a universal system for solar roof installations. The use of patented (pending) aluminium base rails, Click in Clamp and Base Rail Pre Clamp technology eliminates custom cutting and enables particularly fast installation. Save 50% to 80% time using Radiant Rooftop Rac systems. Significantly reduce your BOS (balance of system) costs.
  • Infinite Flexibility:
    With the PV Roof Top Rac, both framed and unframed modules can be easily mounted on pitched roofs and flat roofs of various types. Radiant specialises in tile roof, tin roof, trim dek roof and klip lok roof.
  • Significant Savings:
    PV Rooftop Rac has been specifically designed to achieve the fastest installation times possible. A high degree of pre assembly and intelligent design of the connections result in a sizable reduction in installation time and the according costs.
  • Millimetre Accuracy without cutting:
    The use of telescoping allows the system to be installed with millimetre accuracy, without trimming or cutting to size.
  • Excellent Adaptability:
    The option of vertically adjusting the base rails allows a levelled PV array to be established no matter how uneven the roof
  • Maximum Service Life:
    All components are made of extruded aluminium (al6005-t5) and stainless steel. This choice of material guarantees both full recyclability and a maximum service life due to the anodizations high resistance to corrosion.
  •  Guaranteed Warranty:
    Radiant provides a guarantee of 15 years on the durability of all components.
  • Solar Tripod Mounting System
    • Flexible modular system: Solar tripod will easily fit a multitude of different flat roof applications, due to its variable tilt angleand its several foot options for both ballasted solutions and roof penetration. Its design allows modules to be mounted side by side in rows of up to 12m. They can be installed in both portrait and landscape arrangements.
    • Optimal Adaptability: the clever standard system has been specifically developed to easily allow project specific adjustments for various special requests on flat roofs.
    • Rapid Installation: All components are package according to the type of module and the configuration of the module field. Quick Stone technology, clever design and extensive preassembly all add up to minimal installation time and the necessity of very few tools.
    • Static Reliability: Radiants Service includes a static verification of all Solar Tripod configurations offered. On demand, an official assessable static calculation is available.
    • Maximum Service Life: All components are made of either aluminium or stainless steel. Their high resistance to corrosion guarantees maximum service life and full recyclability.

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