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ARRID Roof Mounting Systems

Advantages of the ARRID Alzone Racking Systems include

  • ARRID are not the cheapest racking system on the market. HOWEVER, THEY ARE THE STRONGEST, HIGHEST QUALITY, MOST VERSATILE, AUSTRALIAN MADE racking on the market.
  • Alzone racking has been on the market for over 10 years. All racking system parts are readily available and manufactured in Australia.
  • Alzone certify attachment of panels to racking as well as panels and racking to roof.
  • Our installation time may be 5-10 minutes more than other suppliers who use “Drop In bolts”, but many of these suppliers cant cater for stronger wind zones, as the rail section will spread with load.This is why we can claim to have a STRONGER products. Alzone Racking systems are pecifically designed to comply with the wind loading code for the particular climate zone in Australia.
  • Alzone provides Designs for all roof types including flat roof with tilted frame, pitched roof with corrugated iron, clip lock, tiles.
  • Alzone have an industry leading 20-year warranty, twice as long as anyone else (20 Year warranty compared to all other suppliers 5 or 10-year warranty).
This is why ARRID can claim to have a HIGHER QUALITY product.


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