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Ground Mounting Systems

If you have a large space available on the ground that you wish to utilise, Commercial Solar can provide you with a quotation for ground mounted solar energy system.


Depending on the location, we can offer quotations for ground mounted systems with

  • ‘Radiant’ ground mounting system
  • Radiant Terrain Rac Ground Mount Systems have been designed for use in green field projects. Different engineered Terrain Rac designs ensure we can provide the best solution for your project.
  • All Radiant Terrain Rac structures use only the highest grade aluminium (al6005-5t), with a anodized finish for that superior look and high corrosion resistance.
  • Installation is both easy and will save you time as the Terrain Racs come completely pre assembled and will unfold to ensure the quickest installations possible on both large and small projects.
  • All ‘Radiant’ system carry a 15 year product guarantee.

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