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Airius Destratification Systems

Airius – Destratification Systems


The Airius destratification system offers substantial annual energy savings on both heating and cooling costs, reducing consumption by 20% to 50% by maximizing the performance of existing HVAC systems and equipment. This is supported by research conducted by utility giant DTE Energy, which found that thermal stratification is the single biggest waste of energy in buildings today, as well as by the Carbon Trust who recommend destratification as one of its top 3 carbon saving measures.

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Hot air always rises, but with Airius destratification fans your energy bill will fall. The Air Pear and Designer Series eliminate over-heating and over-cooling costs by balancing internal air temperatures.

  1. Used to de-stratify/thermally equalize buildings
  2. Used to equalize humidity
  3. Used to increase thermal comfort during the summer and winter
  4. Used to reduce ceiling temperature to extend life of lighting ballast
  5. Used in suspended ceilings with optional kit
  6. Optional accessories to adapt unit to varying requirements and conditions.

Any building which has a ceiling height from 2.5 to 31 metres and a heating or cooling system will benefit from the Airius system.

In some cases even those buildings without heating or cooling will feel the benefits
of a fresher environment and the natural cooling effect of moving air during the summer, as well as recirculating heat emitted from lighting, machinery, office equipment and body heat during winter months.

See a selection of installations applications below…

  • Supermarkets
  • Ware houses
  • Offices
  • Retail Outlets
  • Showrooms
  • Factories
  • Transport buildings
  • Greenhouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Churches
  • Sport halls,
  • Garages, etc

Airius – Destratification System Brochure

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