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Quality Management Systems

Our larger commercial scale solar projects require that we have Quality Management Systems in place as part of our contract arrangements.

We have been involved with a number of projects where we have been required to demonstrate our quality management systems.

These systems include, but not limited to the following:

  • Quality Management Plans (QMPs) and Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs)
    • Submission of Quality Management Plan, ITPs and certification of the compliance of subcontractors’ and consultants’ plans and ITPs
  • Product Compliance
    • Submission of Product Certification supported by a sampling and testing plan,
    • Minimum Sampling and Testing Frequency Plan required by the Australian Standard.
  • Monitoring and Audits
    • Submission of Product Certification supported by a sampling and testing plan
    • Ensure access to all facilities, documentation, records and personnel that are needed for monitoring and audits.
    • Ensure availability of employees
  • Quality Records
    • ITPs and Checklists
    • Inspection and test records
    • Test results
    • Ensure Quality records are secure
    • Retain Quality records as required

Our partner, HCB Solar, is approved by NSW Procurement to supply to whole of government under NSW State Solar Panel contract 1890.

Commercial Solar is in the process of improving our Quality Assurance procedures in accordance with ISO 9000 requirements so that we are able to better meet our clients needs into the future.