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Clean Technology Investment Program

The Clean Technology Investment Program is an energy efficiency funding program launched by the Federal Government in February 2012. The CTIP grant is an $800 million program designed to assist organisations in the manufacturing industry to reduce their energy footprint while stimulating the clean technology sector.
This program will enable Australian manufacturers to remain competitive in a carbon constrained economy. The program provides grants to eligible businesses for investments in energy efficiency and low emission technologies; solar power is a key part of the CTIP strategy.

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Be assured of free solar electricity for your business for the next 20 years.

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CTIP Funding & Eligibility:

With CTIP Funding your organisation may be eligible to receive a 1:1 grant of up to $500,000 to assist you to install solar power on your premises.

With the CTIP grant, your solar installation could be cash-flow positive within the first year of operation – you can minimise you solar systems capital expenditure and be assured of 20 years of free solar electricity for your business.

Contact Commercial Solar to find out more about the financial benefits CTIP can bring to your business.

CTIP Eligibility:

ctip eligibility

To be eligible for the Clean Technology Investment Program your business must:

  • Be a non-tax exempt corporation that is incorporated in Australia under a law of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory and is undertaking manufacturing activities in Australia.
  • Have met one or more of the prescribed energy or emissions thresholds in the 12-month period before submitting an application:
    • used at least 300 Mega Watt hours of electricity; or
    • i. used at least 5 Tera Joules of natural gas; or
    • i. used a mix of fuels and/or electricity that results in the emissions of at least 0.27 kilo Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. Or be directly liable under the Carbon Pricing Mechanism.
  • Be able to fund the costs of the project that will not be covered by the grant.
  • Are not named as an organisation that has not complied with their obligations under the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999.

What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing is defined as the physical or chemical transformation of materials or components into new products.

For the purposes of the Clean Technology Investment Program eligible applicants would generally be undertaking activities listed under the Manufacturing Division of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification, 2006 (classes 1220 – 2110, 2122 – 2139, 2142 – 2149 and 2221 – 2599).

Some Eligible Manufacturing industries may include:

  • Wineries
  • Food and Foundries Industries
  • Other Manufacturing Organisations

What is not manufacturing?

  • an individual, partnership or trust. However, an incorporated trustee corporation can apply on behalf of a trust
  • a non factory based bakery business, including a business that manufactures and sells bread and other bakery products from the same premises
  • a non factory based food preparation business. This includes restaurants, hotel kitchens and catering firms
  • a retail or service business
  • a utility provider (a business that supplies energy or water)
  • a waste treatment operator, water treatment plant or sewerage plant
  • eligible for funding under the Australian Government’s Steel Transformation Plan; or
  • eligible for funding under the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program.
  • mining (including quarrying);
  • transport services; and
  • administration and marketing.

At Commercial Solar, our consultants can advise you if your business is eligible.
You can find out more about the program on the AusIndustry site at the link below.

Clean Technology – Food and Foundries Investment Program:

ct food investement program

In conjunction with the CTIP, The Clean Technology – Food and Foundries Investment Program is a $200 million grant available to Australian food and foundry manufacturers. This merit-based and competitive grant program aims to assist food and foundry organisations to remain competitive in a carbon constrained economy. Organisations can install solar power to help reduce their energy costs as part of the program.

Commercial Solar can help manufacturers take advantage of these new government grants.

The availability of these programs may change so get in early, and Contact Commercial Solar today and we can assist you with your submission.

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