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The Case for Commercial Solar Energy Systems

During 2011 and 2012 solar energy systems (particularly Commercial Solar Energy Systems) have significantly reduced in price. This presents both small and large businesses with a unique opportunity.

Combine this with rising electricity prices and substantially reduced capital costs, the case for installing a Commercial Solar solar energy system is now very compelling.

A number of factors will go into determining the investment returns of a Commercial Solar energy system for business include:

Following a site inspection and discussion with our company representatives in relation to the daily energy usage & load profile at your facility, Commercial Solar can provide your company with customised quotation outlining

  • Where system will be located.
  • How the solar energy system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing operations,
  • The capital expenditure required for the solar system,
  • The payback period and
  • The return on investment on your new Commercial Solar Energy System.

Commercial Solar – the Power to Save