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Our History

Michael Haggerston is currently the managing director of Commercial Solar

Michael first began working at BHP as an Electrician and then later joined the family owned and operated company, HCB Electric, which has been operating in the Newcastle region for the past 60 years.

During this time HCB Electric established experience and expertise in all areas of domestic, commercial, industrial electrical service and maintenance and overtime Michael moved into the role of managing the family business.

HCB Electric is now part of Laser Electric (Lake Macquarie), based at Bollaroo. Michael maintains a hand in the management of this company.

In 2009, Michael developed the company HCB Solar concentrating on the residential and institutional market, such as solar for schools programs. HCB Solar have completed over 10,000 1 to 5kW residential solar energy systems as well as over 600 x 5kW solar energy systems installations for schools programs.

HCB Solar is now accredited designers and installers of grid feed solar systems using only the highest quality panels and inverters available.

HCB Solar are also involved with the installation of Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems, Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.

We have a team of CEC and BCSE accredited installers and qualified licensed electricians, and only use the highest quality of products, which provide a premium installation guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Michael is now developing “Commercial Solar” which operates in partnership with the previously mentioned companies.

At Commercial Solar we aim to provide medium to large business with “The power to save”.

With ever increasing electricity costs and the cost solar systems reducing dramatically over the past 2-3 years, along with government incentives, Commercial Solar is able to review your energy usage and provide your small, medium or large business with a customised solution to optimise the benefits of the integration of a solar energy system.