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Commercial Solar is a partner to HCB Solar. Commercial Solar is involved with the larger projects above 10kW in size. Commercial Solar has recently been involved with roof top PV solar energy system projects that are 30 kW, 70kW & 132kW etc in size.

We are also involved with the development of larger ground mounted Solar Energy Systems in other states around Australia.

Commercial Solar can review you business daily load profile and provide you with an assessment of how a solar energy system can assist you to significantly reduce your energy bills and improve your profitability over time.

If you are manufacturing organisation, we can also assist you to assess eligibility for government assistance programs such as Clean Technology Investment Program (CTIP). As with HCB Solar, Commercial Solar only use “Trusted” products that are backed and proven in performance & reliability.

Call Commercial Solar today and get peace of mind with worry free advice, innovative design and installation solutions. Our licensed electricians and accredited CEC installers make the whole installation easy.